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The Racine Community Foundation manages 299 charitable funds totaling $64,063,400 as of December 31, 2017.

Racine Community Foundation
Love Inc's Food Pantry
Love, Inc. has been providing social, emergency, and food services to western Racine County residents since 1983. Twenty percent of the clients they serve exist at "low income" levels, while the other seventy-five percent are at the "very low income" level, with most unemployed or minimally employed. With Love, Inc.'s strong history of connecting western Racine County residents to dozens of other vital community resources, the Racine Community Foundation was pleased to fund their capital request and be a part of Love, Inc.'s growing network of organizations that make a difference.

Responding to Concerns

If a client responds to one of these questions by saying, "I want to leave everything to my family," or "I don't think I have enough money to create a legacy," consider responding with:

  • If we could reduce your income or estate tax with a charitable gift, would you like to hear more about that?
  • If there is a way to leave more to your family by making a charitable gift, would you like to hear more about that?
  • Do you think your family would be inspired by your philanthropic values?
  • Do you think your family would support your leaving a portion of your estate if they could be involved through something like a donor-advised fund?
  • What if your family does not survive you? What would you like to do with your assets?
"You have the opportunity to have an active role in determining how your gifts are distributed."


Professional advisors play a vital role in helping clients understand how choosing the Racine Community Foundation as their charitable giving home is the first step toward creating a meaningful and lasting legacy. As one former RCF Board member and financial advisor described it, "RCF is a 'public utility' - an incredible tool for estate planners who want to offer valuable options for charitable giving."

Talking about the value that RCF brings to the community is a favorite subject of RCF's Executive Director, welcoming every opportunity to talk about RCF's mission, operation and countless success stories over the last three-plus decades - whether that conversation is one-on-one, or through a presentation to your group or organization.

Starting the Charitable Conversation
You can use a wide range of assets to establish your fund. RCF has the capabilites to process the most complex gifts.

RCF's Executive Director knows that starting the charitable giving conversation with your clients can sometimes be challenging. She also knows that each client is different and that there is no cookie-cutter approach. To help you navigate the charitable giving conversation, here are some questions that can help you start the conversation with your client:

  • Do you currently volunteer or financially contribute to any charitable organizations?
  • What community organizations, projects or issues are of greatest value or concern to you?
  • Could I help you explore charitable organizations that align with your personal values?
  • Have you thought about leaving a personal legacy?