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In 2017

Grants by Fund Type:
Donor Advised - $991,178
Named - $193,401
Field of Interest - $585,082
Scholarships - $114,265
General - $157,835
Org. Endowments - $328,060
Designated - $387,202

Steve and Jeri Smith
"It occurred to me that the RCF is a 'public utility' - an incredible tool for estate planners to offer options for charitable giving."
- Steve and Jeri Smith
Racine Community Foundation
Establishing a Fund
Supported by a grant from the Racine Community Foundation the ELCA congregations of Racine work collaboratively to offer a free quality summer camp at four ministry sites for underserved kids in their neighborhoods.

Create a Fund Agreement

We will work with you to create a Fund Agreement which names your fund and outlines its charitable purpose. Your fund is established once the Racine Community Foundation receives the agreed-upon payment to begin to build your fund, or the entire gift to fully establish your fund. For the types of gifts that are acceptable to establish your fund, see Ways to Give.

Once your fund has been established, the Racine Community Foundation manages all of the related tax, legal and administrative tasks. Our Board of Directors supervises each fund, and our investment experts work to invest the fund for growth. We are committed to ensuring your fund will impact the community in the way that you intended, for generations to come.


In just three simple steps, you can put a very powerful charitable giving tool to work for you. In order to set up a fund, we will work with you to:

Define Your Charitable Purpose

You can choose to support one or more of your favorite charities or organizations working toward a specific cause. After you help us understand what you'd like to support, we can recommend a fund type that will best allow you to do that. The Racine Community Foundation primarily supports organizations that provide services in the following categories:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Community Development
  • Health Education
  • Human Services

Choose the Type of Fund You Would Like to Establish

The Racine Community Foundation offers flexible options through seven different fund types, allowing you to reach your charitable goals and participate at a level that is right for you.

Select the following fund types for a description below.