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Quick Facts

There are 717 community foundations in the United States.

The first community foundation was the Cleveland Community Foundation, established in 1914.

Last year $4.6 billion dollars were put to work serving donors and strengthening communities.

More than $1.4 billion dollars were distributed to local and national non-profit organizations.

Community foundations serve 86% of the United States population.

Racine Community Foundation was established in 1975 with $6,500 in assets. Today, it manages more than $64,000,000.

Racine Community Foundation
Camp Erin is a bereavement camp.
Camp Erin is a bereavement camp which provides a special opportunity to work with children who are experiencing loss. Children may be put off by formal therapeutic settings because of their overwhelming need to be "normal." The informal setting of camp allows them to express themselves more freely. Combining bereavement activities with recreational activities addresses the nature of bereavement for children.


Community Foundations are non-profit, tax-exempt public organizations established to serve and enhance the lives of citizens in its area. There are approximately 700 community foundations across the United States. Wisconsin currently claims 32 of them, ranking 7th highest in total number of community foundations among all states. In general terms, Community Foundations:

  • Provide a way for individuals, families and companies to make tax-deductible charitable investments in a community or cause.
  • Award grants from established charitable funds to support non-profit community programs and projects.
  • Lead community conversations regarding emerging needs in a community.

Community Foundations offer a cost-effective, high-impact way for donors to address immediate community needs, or create personal legacies to serve their community beyond their lifetime. A Community Foundation is able to pool its funds to maximize earning potential and minimize risk.